AD-X is a technology that anonymously measures advertising effectiveness. We specialise in the measurement of mobile media campaigns and application downloads.

  • AD-X allows clients to anonymously count their application download numbers and to understand which advertising has delivered those downloads.
  • AD-X does not collect or store ANY personal consumer information. We do not hold any mobile numbers or anything that could identify you as an individual
  • We cannot (and do not) contact you in any way for any purpose or share any unique data about your device
  • AD-X works with all relevant industry and governmental bodies to adhere to data protection and privacy laws
  • We anonymously record technical information about mobile devices when those devices click on adverts. We then match that anonymous technical information when an app is downloaded.


If you would like to opt-out of any future campaigns monitored by AD-X please click the links below and download the relevant Operating system App, install the app and click Opt out.